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Every client has a story. You may wish to read some of the experiences of other families who have used the services of Applied Behavioral Concepts. Some of the services were provided in town, others were provided out of town services. Applied Behavioral Concepts has changed its format over the years, improving on lessons learned. Home therapy became center based to facilitate supervision and quality. Center based lacked the typical interaction vital to generalization and facilitate functional skills in a typical classroom. Currently, Applied Behavioral Concepts utilizes all the components necessary to produce the changes across settings crucial to continued development in other areas; typical peers, typical preschool and school settings, typical play and playground and typical opportunities for growth and development. Children learn from other children, modeling age appropriate behavior is obtained by witnessing typical behavior. This is why Applied Behavioral Concepts utilizes the techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis in the typical school environment.


William, a second grader diagnosed with autism, languished in a special education classroom, hiding under the table to avoid classroom activities. His teachers reported there were many days like this. He had spent his educational career in classrooms like these.

The specialists in Birmingham suggested his parents contact Applied Behavioral Concepts, Inc. William began a program to teach academics while addressing the behaviors that kept him from participating in a regular classroom environment.

Today, William attends seventh grade in a private school without support. He no longer avoids his teachers and is held accountable for his school work. He has many friends, and enjoys swimming and tennis.

Eric was in preschool when his parents were alerted by his teachers of disruptive behavior in the classroom. He was finally dismissed from school when he ran from the building into the street.

Upon formal diagnosis of autism, it was determined he had severely impaired language skills, as most of his responses were repeated phrases from television and videos. He was also constantly in motion and lacked appropriate play skills for a four year old, such as taking turns while playing a game, or interacting with other children on the playground.

Eric is now doing well in a regular classroom in a Madison County school. He is in the fifth grade and plays baseball, soccer and football for the county leagues. He also enjoys singing in the choir and participating in church plays.

Beth was 3-1/2 years old when she was diagnosed with autism. She did not respond to her name. She flapped her hands and twirled wildly. She showed such a preference for one particular cup over all others that she would tantrum and refuse liquids when offered any other cups. Beth's family was given little hope for improvement.

Word-of-mouth led her mother to Applied Behavioral Concepts, Inc., and Beth began an intense training regimen. After two years of approximately 32 hours per week in therapy, recent testing determined that she is functioning above or within normal limits in all areas.

Beth attended a private kindergarten and enjoys music and dance classes with other girls her age. She is expected to enter the public school system next year without requiring any exceptional resources.

Jacob was 2-1/2 years old and had been recently diagnosed with autism when his mother discovered Applied Behavioral Concepts, Inc. Jacob had no regard for others, no way of appropriately communicating requests, and he frequently resorted to violent bursts of head banging hurting himself and others. Jacob stared blankly for long periods of time at inanimate objects. He was locked into his own world and unable to communicate.

The Applied Behavioral Concepts, Inc., team of therapists executed a program specially designed for Jacob to give him the skills he needed to communicate and function in the world. Within a few weeks, Jacob was making eye contact, responding to his name and uttered his first word "clock".

Many other phenomenal advances were made in the years with the Applied Behavioral Concepts team. Now, four years later, Jacob is social, verbal and affectionately engages with others.

William, Eric, Beth and Jacob will always be autistic, but thanks to the services of Applied Behavioral Concepts, Inc., they have the skills to continue learning and the ability to communicate with others.

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