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Applied Behavioral Concepts, Inc. is pleased to announce a camp specifically developed to target social skills for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Language or Developmental Delay. Children in the elementary years (grades K-5) will benefit from curriculum designed around weekly themes specifically targeting areas where social deficits are noted in children with delays or a spectrum disorder.

Themes or topics are introduced weekly and practice time in the classroom setting with our professional staff will aid in skill acquisition. Parents will be advised and included in their child's learning with ideas and instructions about the skill as well as ways to work on generalization at home and teacher tips for the school setting when appropriate.

Call us for social skills group meeting dates!

Topics include:

  •  Accepting criticism
  •  Offering help
  •  Greetings
  •  Compromising
  •  Being polite
  •  Telephone skills
  •  Eye contact
  •  Dealing with Anger
  •  Modesty
  •  Interrupting
  •  Initiating Play
  •  Conversation Starters
  •  Dealing with winning and losing
  •  Staying on topic
  •  Negotiating
  •  Proximity
  •  Sharing
  •  Identifying problems and generating solutions
  •  Nice versus mean statements
  •  Idioms of speech
  •  Finding out about someone
  •  Reciprocal Conversations

And more!

Click here for a printable brochure on our After School Social Skills Program.

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