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Applied Behavioral Concepts welcomes employees with degrees and experience from a wide variety of care giving fields. Our employees are dedicated to providing a high quality of service to children with a disability.

We are pleased to offer the services of our caring and talented staff. Each therapist instructs the children in our care with the tender and loving heart our parents appreciate and utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis effectively to enhance the lives of their charges. All employees have fulfilled the Department of Human Resources requirements for employment in a child care facility (includes background references, criminal history, medical examinations). Employees undergo initial training in the principles of applied behavior analysis with supervised “hands on” instruction and periodic video reviews to insure the quality of services provided.

Ms. Madison Brooks is currently working on a Bachelors degree in psychology at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She spent the summer of 2005 working one on one with a child with autism in his home and preschool, before joining Applied Behavioral Concepts in 2007. After graduation from UAHuntsville, she plans to pursue her Masters and certification as an Associate Behavior Analyst. Read more about Madison in the Carol's Kids News, March 2008, V2(2).

Ms. Jennie Frisby has both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in History with a minor in Communication Arts from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She was a competitive softball player for thirteen years. Using her experience she has taught young girls how to pitch for several years. While in high school she worked with elementary school children to teach them French as an extension of the French program at Grissom High School.

Ms. Juliette Masters graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She was a competitive year round swimmer for thirteen years. Using this experience she taught swim lessons to children for several years. She has worked with special needs children (Autistic, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis) for several years through her work at the Good Shepard Catholic Church Autism, CP and MS at the Good Shepard Catholic Church as well as a teacher for vacation Bible schools and choir camps. Read more about Juliette in the Carol's Kids News, April 2008, V2(3).

Ms. Elizabeth Quarles is a former therapist for Applied Behavioral Concepts home therapy program in 2000-2001. After returning to Huntsville Mrs. Quarles rejoined Applied Behavioral Concepts. Mrs. Quarles has been working as a paraprofessional in the Kansas public school system. Mrs. Quarles has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Emporia Sate University and is the parent of two children.

Ms. Daryl Mason is attending Mississippi State University where she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. She has always had an interest in working with special needs children because it can be such a rewarding experience. "It is wonderful knowing that the hard work that is put into this paricular job is making a difference and shaping a child." Ms. Mason enjoys jigsaw puzzles, swiming, camping, card games and board games. Her special talent is a positive attitude and a smile.

Mr. Keenan Tipton is currently attending Auburn University. He has been working with special needs children and has been involved with thier development for most of his life. He has run discreet trial therapy and participated in summer camp programs for 3 years. Mr. Tipton enjoys guitar, soccer and fishing.

Ms. Chelsea Davis is attending UAHuntsville, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Studies. Ms. Davis believe tht special needs children have shown her that their unique perspectives canmake them infinitely interesting to work with. She enjoys her job, outdoor sports, travel and reading as well as studying languages. Her special talent is patience to provide a safe, clean and fun environment in which the clients can expolore new skills.

Ms. Suzanne Roten obtained her Bachelors degree in Psychology and English from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Among her academic achievements are awards from the Scientific Undergraduate Psychological Research Convention, South East Psychological Society Convention and Sigma Xi Regional Research Convention. She is a member of Sigma Xi (Science), Sigma Tau Delta (English) and Psi Chi (Psychology) honor societies. She has experience with the America Reads program reaching high risk children. She has recently returned from Thailand where she taught English, including teaching at the Royal Palace School. Suzanne is currently enrolled in the required courses to obtain her board certification in Behavior Analysis. Read more about Suzanne in the Carol's Kids News, May 2007, V1(1).

Ms. Doris Adams Hill, Ph.D., BCBA, Major, US Army (Ret) (Consulting Status) Dr. Hill has a Bachelor of Science Degree with honors in Psycholgy from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Behavioral Science Degree from Cameron University in Oklahoma. Dr. Hill has served 22 years in the United States Army, both enlisted and as an officer. She has taught elementary school special education students with autism spectrum disorder in Forida for 3 years. Dr. Hill is also a Doctor of Philosphy in Collaborative Special Education with a focus in autism and behavior disorders at Auburn University, where she is an instructor. She is married and has three daughters and one son.

Ms. Maura Edwards , CCC-SLP (Consulting Status) is a certified Speech Language pathologist holding a current Alabama license. She holds a Master's degree in Communication Disorders received in Albany, New York in 1980. Ms. Edwards moved to Alabama in 1993 . She holds a national certification of clinical competency from the American Speech-Language Association. She has 27 years experience including 17 years of private practice. Ms. Edwards is a Blue Cross Blue Shield approved provider and is seeking additional provider status upon request.

Ms. Justine Seeley (Consulting Status) is the owner and director of Colors Fine Arts in Madison. Ms. Seeley will be directing the musical portion of the weekly program. Ms. Seeley teaches piano to children either privately or group. Read more about Justine in the Carol's Kids News, March 2008, V2(2).

Ms. Tracey Sykes (Consulting status) has earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has earned a reputation locally as an artist and was the creator of the "Wall of Remembrance" in Decatur, Alabama. She has several other mural projects completed and continues various projects in the Morgan County Community. Ms. Sykes has been involved with children with disabilities for nearly five years. She has numerous credits in other areas of mental illness and disease as a board member for the Morgan County and a member of the Invisible Children in Huntsville, Alabama. Tracey will be pursuing her master's degree in Art Therapy at Naropa University of Boulder, Colorado. Read more about Tracey in the Carol's Kids News, June 2007, V1(2).

Ms. Carol Vancil is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. She received a Masters Degree in Experimental Psychology on a Developmental Psychology track focusing all of her research on children. She began working in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis in 1997. While ABA was not recognized in the state of Alabama, when courses became available she pursued certification through the University of North Texas receiving a Graduate Academic Certificate with a 4.0 GPA. Her mentor was the late Michael Hemmingway along with Dr. Bob James at UAH. She is a member of the Alabama Psychological Association and the Alabama Association of Behavior Analysts.

Camp Support Staff include youths experienced in working with young children. These local high school students attend High School and are active in church related, recreational and scholastic athletics. We appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and care they provide our clients. During the school session, they may be available for respite care. Clients are welcome to contact Applied Behavioral Concepts if you would like to schedule periodic services for family respite. As all of our regular staff, these employees have completed the requirements of the Department of Human Resources reference, medical and background checks.

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